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What’s the deal with all these papers?

A common question that comes from our commercial clients is, “why is our policy one hundred pages long”. It is kind of like the ITunes User agreement pop up that we automatically accept without reading the content, but I would caution against this. Inside this stack of papers is a wealth of knowledge about what you are getting in return for the premiums you pay. To help navigate you through this I want to outline the formatting of most policies so you will better know where the information lies. Most policies follow this standard format:

  1. Common Policy Declarations
    • This section contains the named insured, mailing address, the stated policy period, a brief business description, and a list of the coverage parts.
  2. Common Policy Conditions
    • This section contains the cancellation provisions, who can make changes to the policy, a disclaimer stating that the insurer has the authority to examine the insureds books and records up to three years after the expiration of the policy, a disclaimer for inspections and surveys. This section also states that the premium is the responsibility of the first named insured, and it lists the rights of the carrier.
  3. Commercial Property Declarations
    • This section describes the premises, location, construction and occupancy of the property that is being insured. It also contains the coverages being provided. This section is especially important because it contains the rates for each item, i.e. an explanation of how the carrier comes up with the premium you pay!
  4. Commercial Property Conditions
    • This section contains a list of disclaimers that the insured is agreeing to, these include statements that the insured is not trying to conceal anything or mislead the insurer, and other legal matters regarding the relationship between the insurer and insured.
  5. Commercial Property Coverage Form(s)
    1. Define subject of insurance
    2. List additional coverages
    3. List extensions of coverage
    4. Provide additional conditions
  6. Commercial Property Causes of Loss Form(s)
    1. Causes of loss
    2. Exclusions
    3. Limitations
  7. Commercial Property Endorsements
    • This section lists any endorsements that apply to your policy, endorsements can include additional coverages, or changes that occurred during the policy period.

So now you know everything that you need to know about your policy right? Just kidding! What I can tell you is that your insurance agent should be your educational resource for any questions regarding the protection of your business or personal belongings. If you have any questions regarding your current policy please allow the friendly staff here at Childress Insurance Agency to be your trusted guide. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Thank you,
John Max Bolling

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Independent Agencies…

Hello Everybody,

Welcome to our informative blog. We hope this information peaks your interest and that you leave with a little more knowledge about insurance, which is everyone’s favorite dinner subject right?

To kick off this blog, I wanted to start by explaining what it means to be an independent agent. Independent agencies are those who are not limited to one carrier but have the ability to represent several different insurance carriers. An independent agent is not considered an employee for any particular carrier, they instead act as the representative on behalf of the client to the carrier.

So, who cares right? I mean insurance is insurance…

Well, you should! Independent agencies have the ability to provide for your interests instead of trying to fit your needs into the interests of a single carrier. Let me put it this way; would you rather shop for a new sofa at a store that only offers one brand or a store that can listen to your wants and needs and provide the best sofa for you? Independent agents have the ability to fit you with the right carrier, not make you fit into the mold a single carrier desires. In addition to more availability, independent agencies have the option to build packages combining multiple insurance carriers together for the benefit of you, the client. We are able to break the mold and piece together the perfect package to protect your home or business.

Okay, but how does this affect me?

Great question! To answer I will quote Dave Ramsey in his discussion on insurance tips,

“Think about how long it would take you to gather quotes from several companies on your home, auto and life insurance policies. Then, imagine comparing each policy’s features and costs to find the best coverage. After that, you’d have to determine which discounts you qualify for and apply for them with each individual company. And even after all that work, you’d still wonder if you could be getting a better deal somewhere else. Independent insurance agents have access to a network of insurance providers, not just one individual company. That’s great for two reasons:

You see, if you allow an independent agent to go to work for you, you can save yourself a headache and hopefully some money as well!

Well, I think an independent agent may be the way to go, but why pick you?

I’m glad you asked! Here at Childress Insurance Agency we are a local family agency that is deeply rooted in our community. Unlike many large regional and national agencies, we provide excellent products and coverages with the customer service you would expect from a family friend. We do this because we truly want our community to thrive, and we back that claim up by working together with our clients to protect the things that matter most. We have a staff dedicated to excellence, which can be seen through our friendly and prompt customer service, our dedication to staying on the forefront of the industry with continued education, and our desire to not only be your agent but to foster a relationship with every client who walks through our doors.

We want to welcome you to our agency, and we look forward to being of service to you! Check back soon for more content, and we here at Childress Insurance Agency want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!


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Credit-Based Insurance Scores

Getting credit where it is due should be the highest priority for anyone applying for utility service, loans for a car or home or obtaining a credit card.  At Childress Insurance Agency, 2391 West Main Street, Suite A, Cabot we have the right information to help you be well prepared in handling credit woes by taking proactive steps on the front end to keep things churning along.

Legally speaking, anytime you apply for things like insurance, the various companies vying for your business will base the rates you are offered on your insurance financial score. It is important to know what often determines these scores. Call us at (501) 941-1148 to get started on the road to a better score!

The manner in which you use credit is one factor. It suggests how responsible you are and that alone can aid insurers when companies evaluate policy amounts and options. Credit scores provide a picture of how well you pay back debts/loans. Maintaining low balances on credit cards is always preferable. Also, insurance rates can be heavily influenced by your overall credit usage (hint: less is more in terms of credit card balances), collections against you by creditors and bankruptcies.

Another factor has to do with the number of insurance claims may already exist when applying for new coverage through a different carrier. If you have teenagers, accidents behind the wheel are a constant threat and mounting claims does impact your insurance score. In addition, if you’ve made it a habit to apply for every credit card offer online or in the mail, chances are you’ll face higher premiums and rates. Keep them to a minimum. Note: Submitting applications for a vehicle or home falls into a different category; insurers do not tend to look at these as harmful to a person’s score.

If you’re unsure about your credit status, you can request a credit report from different credit rating agencies, including Equifax, Experian and Transunion. The Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Data Industry Association and the American Insurance Association offer valuable information as well. For a list of these and other resources, visit our office Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. 5 p.m. or call (501) 941-1148. We also encourage you to visit our Facebook page.

So, don’t wait a second longer – get in touch with us today!


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Spring Home Maintenance List

The changing of seasons can be no more dramatic than when spring pushes winter back into hibernation for another year. Just as we plan for planting shrubs and flowers, we must also get ready to mow the yard, clean out gutters and look forward to those traditional cookouts and other outdoor events. Click here for a list of our services!

At Childress Insurance Agency, 2391 West Main Street, Suite A, Cabot we are well aware of the simultaneous anticipation of warmer weather and the challenges it poses for homeowners. So, we have a few tips as to how the preparation can be done efficiently and maybe, just maybe, a little fun! Pick up the phone and call us today at (501) 941-1148!

Some “must do” items for the spring maintenance list:

* Check your smoke detectors and replace batteries, as well as make sure detectors are located in different areas of the home (upstairs and downstairs for houses with different levels)

* Do the same thing with light bulbs around the residence – be sure to use energy-efficient bulbs in order to save light but, more importantly, cut down on those utility bills

* Also, with lighting it is always a good idea to check on the proper wattage for each fixture (again, as an energy and money-saving measure)

* Diligently inspect all electrical outlets for secure and safe connections – it only takes one unfortunate incident to injure someone or result in a fire or both

* Chances are, winter left a few marks on the roof; an inspection by yourself or a trusted professional can truly make the difference between patchwork and a full replacement project (focus on the condition of shingles, for example)

* Another crucial thing to do is making sure water hasn’t puddled up and damaged roofing, along with looking at any existing or potential wear and tear following winter’s harsh winds and precipitation

* Gutters serve an important purpose by collecting leaves, water and small debris but the downside is these same gutters can easily become clogged and must be cleaned out when spring arrives because winter’s leftovers are more than capable of creating foundation leaks when April’s showers are lending a hand to May flowers

* Look down at your driveway and take inventory of any cracks or other issues

* A lot of people use spring as the perfect excuse to paint their home inside and out – it is a refreshing way to usher in the new season

* Don’t forget to give your yard and landscaping some much-needed attention during spring; pruning dead flowers and plants, pulling weeds, replenishing mulch, etc. all count as spring maintenance goals to check off the list

* Be careful to store items like gas canisters and other fluids used in yard work in a well-ventilated location

* Spring cleaning certainly includes checking hot water heaters, washing machines, dryers and other household appliances for leaks and the like (think of it like a yearly physical for the home)

The list here is not exhaustive, but offers a number of solid pointers on spring maintenance. With questions, please call us at (501) 941-1148 or stop by our offices. Hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Contact us today!


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Welcome to Our Blog!

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