Health Insurance is a Must and Here’s Why . . .

The key to a happy life includes a loving family, friends and a rewarding career. None of it matters, though, if you’re not in good health. In these times of great upheaval regarding America’s health care system, being able to lean on the trusted professionals at Childress Insurance Agency, 2391 West Main Street, Suite A in Cabot, to guide you through the process of obtaining accessible, affordable insurance coverage is essential.

It is true that most people think of health insurance as a treatment for an illness, rather than a proactive way to be covered just in case you need it. The old expression “too little, too late” certainly applies to your health. So, why put off purchasing insurance and keeping your fingers (maybe even your toes) crossed that nothing goes wrong? The answer is an easy one –

Think of it this way – if you’ve been free of disease and/or medical issue, the importance of health insurance only rises. Why? Quite simply, one late night visit to the local emergency room accompanied by a prescription can leave you with financial stress unlike any before. With an insurance card in tow, you significantly reduce that hardship. Most people without coverage don’t give it a second thought until emergency surgery is required or even something as routine as a flu shot. Think ahead, not after the fact.

Facing the often-daunting task of paying medical bills without insurance means you are at a clear disadvantage in negotiating payment terms and the like. However, withinsurance you don’t have to maneuver things alone. Your local agent is the go-to person for everything from submitting claims to securing payment for your pain and suffering. Look to your agent as a trusted, prepared individual equipped to protect your interests. Whether you call us (501) 941-1148 or visit online at, the result will be the same high quality and service!

Making the decision to be insured is a big step, but so is choosing the right agent. At Childress Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on being able to tap into countless sources of coverage to suit your needs and not a one-size-fits-all impersonal approach. You will no doubt have many questions. We will work tirelessly to provide answers. Many Americans are unsure as to what the new Affordable Care Act means to them. We understand and will do our level best to give you the most accurate, reliable information about it so you can make the right decision.

Finally, it would not be responsible of us to pretend as if health insurance has no costs tied to it. Bills are bills. But again, thinking ahead and taking the initiative by purchasing a plan will make those bills far less painful. After all, isn’t the point to keep pain in check? Call today – (501) 941-1148 – or get to know us via the Internet, It will be the best decision you can make!


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Distractive Driving

It is so scary to think about how quickly your life can be over or how in the matter of a split second you can be the cause of destroying someone else’s life, all because you were distracted while driving. There are three main ways of being distracted. You can take your eyes off the road, take your hands off the wheel or take your mind off what you are doing. While all distractions while you are driving can endanger lives, texting is the most alarming because it involves all three types of distraction. Other distracting activities while driving include using a cell phone, eating and drinking, talking to passengers, grooming, reading, using a navigation system, watching a video, or changing the radio station, CD or Mp3 player. In 2009, 5,474 people were killed on roads in the U.S. and an estimated additional 448,000 were injured in crashes that were reported to have involved distracted driving. Drivers who use hand held devices are four times as likely to get into car crashes serious enough to injure themselves. The highest incidence of deaths ocurred with drivers that were distracted age 20 and under. Of those drivers reportedly distracted during a fatal crash, the 30 – 39 year old drivers were the group with the highest proportion distracted by cell phones.

Please think about it before you make the call or start the text…. Do I have to do this right now? Is it worth risking my life or someone elses? Or can I wait until I stop the car? All I ask is for you to ask yourself those questions before you make the biggest mistake of your life, one that you can’t take back.

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