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Hello Everybody,

Welcome to our informative blog. We hope this information peaks your interest and that you leave with a little more knowledge about insurance, which is everyone’s favorite dinner subject right?

To kick off this blog, I wanted to start by explaining what it means to be an independent agent. Independent agencies are those who are not limited to one carrier but have the ability to represent several different insurance carriers. An independent agent is not considered an employee for any particular carrier, they instead act as the representative on behalf of the client to the carrier.

So, who cares right? I mean insurance is insurance…

Well, you should! Independent agencies have the ability to provide for your interests instead of trying to fit your needs into the interests of a single carrier. Let me put it this way; would you rather shop for a new sofa at a store that only offers one brand or a store that can listen to your wants and needs and provide the best sofa for you? Independent agents have the ability to fit you with the right carrier, not make you fit into the mold a single carrier desires. In addition to more availability, independent agencies have the option to build packages combining multiple insurance carriers together for the benefit of you, the client. We are able to break the mold and piece together the perfect package to protect your home or business.

Okay, but how does this affect me?

Great question! To answer I will quote Dave Ramsey in his discussion on insurance tips,

“Think about how long it would take you to gather quotes from several companies on your home, auto and life insurance policies. Then, imagine comparing each policy’s features and costs to find the best coverage. After that, you’d have to determine which discounts you qualify for and apply for them with each individual company. And even after all that work, you’d still wonder if you could be getting a better deal somewhere else. Independent insurance agents have access to a network of insurance providers, not just one individual company. That’s great for two reasons:

You see, if you allow an independent agent to go to work for you, you can save yourself a headache and hopefully some money as well!

Well, I think an independent agent may be the way to go, but why pick you?

I’m glad you asked! Here at Childress Insurance Agency we are a local family agency that is deeply rooted in our community. Unlike many large regional and national agencies, we provide excellent products and coverages with the customer service you would expect from a family friend. We do this because we truly want our community to thrive, and we back that claim up by working together with our clients to protect the things that matter most. We have a staff dedicated to excellence, which can be seen through our friendly and prompt customer service, our dedication to staying on the forefront of the industry with continued education, and our desire to not only be your agent but to foster a relationship with every client who walks through our doors.

We want to welcome you to our agency, and we look forward to being of service to you! Check back soon for more content, and we here at Childress Insurance Agency want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!


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